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We at International Justice Mission have received some heartbreaking news. As you may have already seen in the international media, on June 23rd three men were abducted in Nairobi, Kenya after a court hearing. One was an IJM human rights lawyer, the others were an IJM client and their taxi driver. For days our IJM global team, along with other organizations, embassies, and the Kenyan government desperately searched to bring these men home safely.

We received the tragic news this morning that their bodies were recovered from a river outside of Nairobi. Our hearts are broken with the weight of this grave injustice. 

You may know that the casework focus for IJM in Kenya is police abuse. It is suspected that these three men were abducted and murdered in cold blood because they were pursuing a case against police violence.

It was the very injustice they were seeking to stand up against that ultimately brought them to their deaths.

So as a family, we mourn and lament. As the Body, we cry and pray. We hold a righteous anger against the perpetrators and a desire to continue seeking justice, no matter the cost. And we still hold out for hope. 

Because as His beloved ones, we know the truth.

We know how the story ends. We have read the last page. We can take heart knowing that He has already overcome the world.

We exist in a state of limbo, we who know the good news of Jesus. He has come and is here with us now, but we are also waiting for Him to come again. And when He comes, He will wipe every tear away that has fallen over the deaths of our brothers in Nairobi.

Until then, we must trust in the Story.

A Story that tells us that the blind will see, the paralyzed will walk, and that love is stronger than death. It tells us that this present darkness in which we walk will one day be made light. This Story tells us that God is both just and merciful, and that He is on a mission to reconcile humanity back to Himself.

We have been given an immense gift that keeps us from falling into utter despair when the world gets dark and we can’t seem to rationalize it.

Our Father has conquered sin and darkness and pain and senseless killings and injustice. Evil may have won the battle, but Christ has surely secured a might victory in the war for us. We know that our brothers may be gone from their earthly bodies, but they are finally free from the sin of the world- the injustice that brought them to their deaths.

We trust that these temporary sufferings are nothing compared to the glory about to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18)

So we will walk through these sufferings, trusting in the good word that our Father promises us will come at the end of the story. We hope for the eternal glory waiting for us.

Evil may have left us speechless, but our Father will always have the final word.