After a magical weekend at the salt flats, I revisited this poem I wrote several months ago. It is still as true today as it was then (maybe even more so now). 

“May I never lose the wonder of Your mercy.”

May I forever be brought to my knees in awe of You.

May I bloody my feet from dancing ’round the burning bush that is the Spirit with us.


May I always be disturbed by the horrifying sins of the world

and the offense of my own

yet see them as redeemable, just as You do.


May I daily discover the gift of grace upon grace

and fully know it through eucharisteo.

May I measure all things against the price You paid for me

and see that it will never outweigh Your love.


May I awaken to the Belovedness of another

and my own place as Beloved

so I may know and be known, in entirety.


May I never say that I walked alone

but come to discern Your footprints every inch of my life.


May I rise with a posture of dependence, absolutely fixated on You

and rest in the depths of peace, only in You.


May it sting to keep my eyes shielded from Your glorious creation.

May it ache to cover my ears from Your whisper.

May it burn with a deep, searing burn to hold Your Name in,

that I would never be satisfied with containing that fire.


May I daily acknowledge Your romancing of my heart.

May I be wooed by the cross,

feel pursued by the empty tomb.


May everyday be the first day of eternity with You.

May I become a fool for You

trusting that everything is nothing without You.


May all places be a foreign land

as my home is in You.