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Sometimes, tears just begin falling. They fall because I’m both terrified out of my mind and so content that I could burst.

Because life is more beautiful that I could’ve ever dreamed, but more tragic than I ever dared to imagine.

Because my heart feels both fragile and fortified.

Tears fall because I look out my window and see snow-capped mountains and I am brought to my knees by the glory of His majesty. But my knees are also bloodied and bruised because I am begging for mercy from the wickedness of this world.

Tears fall because I constantly feel like I’m falling with nothing below to catch me. But they also fall when I realize that I am cradled in His arms the whole time.

Tears fall because this work is both heavy and light.

Because an unfamiliar rage rises up inside me when I see a man walking on the street, and I know what he could be capable of. Because I see a sweet little girl with the biggest brown eyes, and I fear for her.

Tears fall because I don’t want to be exposed to this brokenness, but I also could not imagine ignoring it.

Because how dare I have a heart so full, when there are little girls and boys whose hearts will never be the same.

Tears fall because I am pushed and pulled this way and that. Because evil is a prowling lion that threatens to rip us to shreds. Because I have to fight like hell to keep my gaze on Him.

Because God is so real, and so incredibly near, and because I cling to Him with all that is in me.

Because I am fragile, oh so fragile. But He is gentle, oh so gentle. So I choose to rest in His gentleness, as tears fall.